The Story Maker Training

We know that sharing the gospel with children can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult.

We get it and you are not alone!

The Story Maker Training guides you through three simple steps to teach children how to know and share God’s story. The lessons will teach children the entire story of the Bible in a practical and sharable way.


Our goal is for all children to be excited to know and share God's story.


Purchase our Story Maker Training Kit which includes tons of additional interactive downloadable content.


Walk through the simple, age-appropriate content, activities, and videos with your children at your own pace.


Know that your children are learning God’s story in a way that they can not only understand for themselves, but can also take and share with other children as well as adults.

Start the journey to teaching children to know and share God’s story today with the Story Maker Training


We know that this training will change the way you teach children the gospel.

Because we believe in this training so much we want to give you a lesson and its additional content to test out FOR FREE before you purchase the training kit.