About Us

Spread Truth and The Story Maker

Spread Truth is a non-profit that reaches the world with God’s Story by providing Christians with training and resources to make them confident witnesses for Christ.

We created The Story Maker series because we know teaching children can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult, and teaching the gospel can be challenging as well.

We know that parents, grandparents, and religious leaders alike worry about saying the "wrong" thing and even contemplate if they themselves know the gospel well enough to teach it.

Have you been searching for Bible books for children, or are interested in discovering a religious series developed just for kids?

The Story Maker tools and resources can help you to teach the gospel through a different lens. With our easy teaching guide, videos, songs, and products, you can be confident that the children you are teaching are understanding God's story and their place in it easily. We believe that sharing the gospel with children should never be a stressful mission.

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