There are many good stories. But there’s one that has the power to change everything. The Story Maker tells this story specifically for children. It starts with creation and beauty, moves through sadness and pain, and ends with rescue, promise, and hope.

Through The Story Maker, children will learn God’s grand plan and purpose for them in His forever story.


The Power of God’s Story

Children are keen observers of the world around them. Good and evil, joy and sadness, hope and fear—children experience them even if they cannot put it in words. That’s why they need to know God’s Story of creation, fall, rescue and restoration. Only God’s Story provides the sure foundation they need in this unpredictable world.

"The Story Maker takes the greatest story we’ll ever tell and captivates the attention of our kids through the beauty of the art, the music and the narrative."
"It was a joy to use the Storymaker materials for our children at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. They were engaged and excited throughout the entire lesson."

The Story Maker Gospel Book

This beautiful children's book will be sure to become a family favorite. Full color pages and soft touch cover make the perfect book to share or keep! There is no better story to read and teach our children than God's true story!


The Story Maker Coloring Book

A beautiful presentation of the Gospel story for children, this 32 page coloring book pairs perfectly with the animated short film "The Story Maker". It can also be a stand along item as it presents the metanarrative of the Gospel in easy-to-understand terminology. From creation to fall to rescue to restoration - children can read, color and better visualize God's story and their place in that story with this exciting new resource!

The Story Maker Film

The Story Maker is a special narrative about how everything came to be. Embark on a journey starting with creation and beauty, moving through sadness and pain, and ending with rescue, promise and hope. This great story teaches children about God's grand plan and His purpose for them in His forever Story.

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